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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense is my passion.  When you or a loved one are facing felony charges, you risk not just incarceration, but the loss of your reputation, your career or business, or your professional credentials.  You may risk the loss of your right to possess firearms,  or your driving privileges.  You risk the lifetime stigma of a criminal conviction and may even face the consequences of a sex offender registry.  You should never speak to a prosecutor or law enforcement about your case without first speaking to an attorney.  You should never accept a plea bargain without first reviewing it with an attorney who understands the risks to your future.  I am a former prosecutor with extensive experience in criminal work.  Talk to me before you go into court.  

Small Business Solutions

Starting and running a small business can be challenging. I offer a variety of small business solutions to help you navigate the legal complexities of owning a business. My services include business formation, contract review, and small business litigation.

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